Kai Middleton

Kai Middleton's logo Portfolio

franke-naturheilpraxis.de [DE]

  • own design using handcoded template (for WolfCMS)
  • formatted and added content
  • CMS used: WolfCMS

sean.middleton.de [EN/DE]

  • own design using handcoded HTML / CSS
  • all pictures optimized
  • icons use CSS sprites
  • uses handmade JavaScript Popups (no library used), try it out by hovering over "Cross Cultural Co-ordinator"

jugend-bergkirchen.de [DE]

  • own design using handcoded template (for Joomla)
  • CSS generated using finest SASS
  • (re)formatted and added content
  • pictures in the header use CSS sprites
  • modified parts of Joomla to suit the customers needs
  • CMS used: Joomla

apm-susanne.de [DE]

  • design created using handcoded template (for Joomla) based on their inhouse graphic designer's PDF
  • formatted and added content
  • prepared images to fit in the banner
  • layered images
  • CMS used: Joomla