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Linux Notes

Change Default Programms, for MIME-Types and other stuff:

  sudo update-alternatives --all

See available ".desktop" files in:

ls ~/.local/share/applications/
  ls /usr/share/applications/

Fixing "Quick Search" in Synaptic: (it's not showing all packages that would match the query)

Change target of symbolic link by forcing it to do so

ln -f -s /home/Data2 /home/Stores/abc

See what Buttons output or see the numbers of mouse buttons:


Mounting filesystems via samba:

Make sure you install the following packages plus dependencies:

Then you can mount using:


Setting up printer from Linux to Windows via samba: (maybe Crunchbang only)

Make sure you install the following packages plus dependencies as listed here:


Now Follow:
CUPS manager(http://localhost:631/) -> "Add Printer" -> "Windows Printer via SAMBA"
Here make sure you add a user name, so it looks something like